Thursday, May 26, 2005 -- The place to find Podcasts -- The place to find Podcasts

It was inevitable, I guess, that I would stumble upon podcasting. It was right under my nose all along, but I didn't pay it much attention until I was using NPR radio and found that old sessions of a local show were only available as "podcasts". Following the links that show provided for obtaining podcasting software I watched as the vista of sound and blogging copulated and gave birth before my very eyes.

Now there's an image. *wince*

Podcasting is basically audio blogs. With a twist, the twist being that you are creating blogs that are presented as MP3 files and intended to be placed upon your portable media player - most notably the IPOD - thus the name of this medium "podcasting".

So the way it is supposed to work is that you subscribe to a series of podcast "feeds" or "shows" that are interesting to you. Using one of several podcasting software packages you then set it up to download new installments from those feeds and automatically place it on your ipod.

Now myself, I don't bother with that last part. Instead, I use podcasting more like Tivo - i.e. I download them using the windows podcasting software and I listen to the sessions "on demand" as my whim takes me.

I would be surprised if this were not the main way this stuff is used. I find it hard to believe that more people bother to put this stuff on their IPOD every day when they can just listen to it on their PC and save themselves the trouble.

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